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And cue End of the world.

Why is no one happy anymore? Let me count the ways... We got a call about 10 minutes ago from SAIT in Calgary, where my brother is set to go in ONE WEEK, and they say that his course has been cancelled. Yes, so now he is not moving out, not getting his education, not doing something relatively fun, at least not right away. That really freaking sucks. I mean, if the U of S decided to tell me a week before university started that I am not able to go anymores because they cancelled first year classes... I'd be... *head explodes* Another thing, though hardly as interesting or terrible, is that I'm grounded this weekend and I'm quite sure it will not be let up. So yay, home with nothing to do. The band kids are gone on sunday, and I havent' seen some of them in a while. Boo.

So tell me why your life sucks this week, because the world will end soon anyways, you might as well get it off your chest.

...and I was so hyper and jubilant not one hour ago.
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